Solution to the Climate
Change and World Peace

Did you know that mankind’s extinction is a scientifically proved realistic future? The extinction of bees, the dramatic reduction of food producing are going to threaten us in the near future and it is only the beginning … It is high time to actively do something against it!
But is there a solution to the problem of climate change? The answer is: YES! You are just holding it in your hands! It took almost 30 years to find the answers. In my book I am introducing a system, in an everyday language, whose any parts can be adapted to your life regardless of whether you would like to act against climate change as a private person, a parent concerning about their children’s future, a CEO, a lecturer or a politician. The book does not only provide a solution to climate crisis but it makes your life better and even sets the mankind’s social problems into the right direction.

Read the book, become an active participant of mankind’s common mission!

The author

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About the author

Dr. Ernő Dittrich Doctor of Engineering, lecturer at Environment Faculty of Pécs University, researcher, inventor, leading designer and technical expert, who has been dealing with complex water and environmental problems all his life. Climate change is one of the key subjects of his more than 20-year-old professional work.

As a father of five he considers the fight against climate change as a personal issue in order that his children can have a chance for a happy and balanced life. So he set out no smaller objective for himself than to save the mankind, rushing into its extinction…

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Who do I recommend to?

For the ones concerning about climate change, who want to know the solution

Do you find the news about climate change worrying? Are you fed up with everybody just talking about the trouble but there is little information about the solution? Do you consider mankind’s future dark but you would like to believe there is a solution? If you have similar questions in your mind, I highly recommend this book to you! As after reading the book you will get all the answers to your questions regarding climate change and you will clearly see the solution system of climate change. I am going to introduce you a solution package in which you can take an active part. Moreover, with this solution package you do not have to wait for agreements among nations in order to start changes!

For worrying parents who would like to actively do for their children’s future

Is fear filling your heart if you think about in how big danger our children’s future is? Do you want to get answers regarding how serious the real danger is and what you can do against it? Do you want to see which direction to go to actively do something for your children’s future? If your answer is yes to these questions, this book is for you! I promise you will get all the answers by the end of the book. You will know the main directions, which way to go on with your family in order to have a happy and safety future!

For everybody who wants to live in a better world and wants to do for it

Do you see mankind’s future dark? Don’t you like how the world goes and the way people live today? Would you like to believe you have a happier and more harmonic future? This book can give you the answers to similar questions. Its content does not only give a solution to climate change but it will have a positive effect on your personal happiness, furthermore it can lead mankind into a happier future… Read the book and take an active part of this wonderful changing process that has just started…

For politicians, social decision makers, who want to lead mankind out of the trap of climate change

Can’t you see clearly in how big trouble our society really is? Would you like to have solutions? Do you want to know how to become a leader who gives solutions to people? Do you want to belong to those people earning reputation by saving the mankind? Would you like to set the development of the world in the right direction? If to any of the questions you say yes, I wrote this book to you. The great advantage of my solution system, coming from almost 30 years of thinking and self development, is that it can work as either a bottom-up initiative, under a top-down leadership or with the combination of the two. My solution is to lead people into a more stable and happier future gradually with democratic tools. Read this book please and become an active leader of the wonderful transformation that has just started!

For managers who want to lead their businesses into a successful future regardless of the ominous prognosis of climate change

Do you want your company to be a profitable and stable business also in the future, becoming more and more uncertain due to climate change? Would you like to develop your business to be more climate aware and profitable at the same time? If you want to believe that your company can actively participate in the fight against climate change, this book will give You important answers. It helps you to create the right approach to develop successful conceptions and directions in the life of your company.

For instructors and awareness-raising experts who want to spread the solution for climate change

Do you believe in education? Do you want to give solutions at last, beyond the problem of climate change, to children, students, university students and people listening to you? Would you be happy to provide effective help? If your answers are yes, I am sure you are on a website of a book that is useful to you. Read it and you will get the needed knowledge, what is more, you will get the answers to most of your doubts in your head regarding climate change!

Why is the book worth reading?

  • The 90% of the book gives a complete solution system to how mankind can get out of its biggest threat in its history without any significant breaking in its development.
  • The 90% of the book gives a complete solution system to how mankind can get out of its biggest threat in its history without any significant breaking in its development.
  • The book summarizes more than 100 activities, from which you can choose what you like in order to be able to do for a nicer and happier future from today on! Not to mention that these are opportunities which can make your life better too!
  • You will learn from the book how strong the relationship between human soul and climate change is and that all activities that support life does not only work against climate change but enhance your personal happiness!
  • The book introduces a solution system that can lead you gradually from the current economic-social system into a more climate aware future.
  • The book introduces a solution that can work either as a bottom-up initiative, under political direction or as a combination of the two.
  • The book provides solutions adaptable by everybody regardless of job and financial state.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the book

Climate change is an incredibly complex issue! Isn’t it fake that the book gives real solution to that?
My obvious answer is: NO. The question just tied a knot in my brain almost 30 years ago: ‘What is the solution to climate change?’. During this time I have had a lot of ideas, part solutions and have read and learnt about many others. As the fruit of the lot of reflection, self development and learning, a system was put together in my mind which is really capable to lead mankind out of its biggest problem faced in its history. It happened in 2019. After that I was teaching this system at the Faculty of Technology and Information Technology, University of Pécs, for two years, where students had the task to ask questions which prove that this system does not work. I asked the same from people who gave their opinion on the manuscript. None of them could ask a question and I have not been able to ask one either since then. So it is time for mankind to learn about this solution package!

How can the solution of such a complex problem be written down in such a short book?
The advantage of this solution system is that it works like a software with open source code. Everybody can understand this system, from which everybody can take or add to. It gives directions to mankind to move in the right direction! The system can be adjusted to the life of any company, person or organization!

My possibilities are too little to be able to do anything against climate change! This book is surely not for me!
You will see you are able to do much more than what you think about yourself now! This system is about the man and is created in a way to make it possible for everyone to be able to actively do against climate change, regardless of their job or how much money they have! It may sound surprising first but the fight against climate change does not necessarily cost money. At the same time personal devotion is absolutely needed...

Are there any practical ideas and opinions in the book regarding people’s everyday life?
Yes. It contains more than 100 activities, which can be easily integrated into anyone’s life to become and active participant of saving the mankind!


‘In order to change our future, we have to change first. The change of our way of living can be maintained in the long term only if we can be happy and the economy does not collapse. The book greatly sums up our practical, economic, technical and mental tasks in order to live as a better person in a viable world. It is common to write in the review who this book is recommended to, but this book is really for everybody. To use big words: it is the Sapiense of sustainability.’

Gergely Litkai | humorist who cares about sustainability

‘I recommend this book to everyone who can imagine that on our Earth people are in a perfect accordance with nature, who believes that we have to do against climate change immediately, who believes in soul’s power and strives for happiness and also who doubts all of these. Be open, think about it and make the first steps for your happiness and for other’s happiness!’

Mrs. Katalin Tóth-Berényi | civil engineer

‘It is difficult to give the genre of the book. Manifesto? Analyses? Writing out inner thoughts? A little bit all of them. The Author writes about really severe topics which are vital and affect our lives. I highly recommend the book to everyone who has already thought about the future of our planet. It provides potential solutions from a unique perspective, about which we can and we even have to think a lot - even by challenging the author himself. Meeting ideas can only be boosting!’

Dr. Zoltán Egerszegi | lawyer

‘There have been several international efforts made recently to slow down global warming, but these have not been effective enough to reach the centrally defined target state. Its main reason was first of all that mankind sacrifices its long-term interests for the short-term ones. It seems that the fixed targets cannot meet the deadline with top-down management. In the book by Dr. Ernő Dittrich, instead of (or beside) the centralized authorities we can learn bottom-up solutions, based on totally different principals, to stop global warming. The Author has developed such an independent and coherent system with the help of which mankind can avoid the expected collapse caused by climate change in the near future. The essence of the new system is the theory of bottom-up building and its base is to change people’s bad habits. If this target succeeds on mankind level, it will help not only the reversing of global warming but the solving of other environmental problems. The structure of the book is clear and logical, it reflects the Author’s wide knowledge on that complex field of science. The language is simple and easy to understand. The informal remarks, questions and answers addressing the readers make the content readable. As a result, the book is not only interesting to laymen interested in the topic but it can be perfectly used as teaching material on different levels of education. In order that mankind could reach the target set in Dr. Ernő Dittrich’s book, the global consciousness has to be fundamentally changed. The intellectual and spiritual development of the individuals and the global society is needed. A new, more ecological ‘Earth usage’ would be developed which would take the needs of ecological systems into consideration as without these systems mankind would not be able to last long. For that reason the rethink of the current organizational forms and social structures is needed. The question is whether mankind will have enough time for these changes. If not, then the Earth’s biosphere will go on its way either without people or with a dramatically decreased number of people.’

Dr. Ferenc Szilágyi | honorary professor

‘The process of climate change is already known by everyone. This book argues the cause-and-effect relations for an everyday person in a plain and simple way. The whole new approaches are food for thought, the problem circle is much wider than we would think at first. I like that also the optional solutions and answers are outlined in the book with all of their advantages and disadvantages. Being an economist and a mother, it is important to ME to be able to do something on a daily basis to preserve our planet’s diversity and this book helps me with it.’

Andrea Garami | economist possessing a law degree, business mentor

‘The Climate book deals with the topic of environment protection in a comprehensive way, approaching it from several perspectives. It shows the positive, inspiring image of future through 6 different programs, beyond the detailed analyses of problems, which can provide solution to our urgent problems in the long term. This image describes a world where the most precious values are individual responsibility taking based on being well-informed, spiritual growth, selflessness, feeling of togetherness and strengthening the community perspective. We can start bringing them to realization right now with the help of practical steps suggested by the author, which can be integrated into our everyday life.’

Judit Pap | psychologist, kinesiologist

‘The book describes the connections between our way of life and climate change in an easy style and points out the individual’s role with plain examples. But what it makes unique is that the book looks into the research of motivations behind our lifestyles that cause climate change. The recent decades have proven that the patching of the elements of our current technological-economic-social system does not sort out the approaching catastrophe. Implementing a new technology or rule means only symptomatic treatment, does not mean significant emission reduction and its long-term effect cannot be provided. The author points out that we have to rethink how our society works from the basics. He helps to identify the bad mechanisms developed through the last hundreds of years and provides such suggestions how to leave these mechanisms which already work in traces but are waiting for their global expansion. The book addresses the reader personally, helps investigating ourselves and with it supports not only to get rid of our habits harmful for the environment but serves as a guide to establish a well balanced life. What gives a special power to the book is the positive approach that penetrates the whole content of the book. It offers peaceful solutions to start the changes which will take place anyway sooner or later, in a much more drastic way. The next step is up to us, readers: as individuals and in our work do as many as we can from the suggestions.’

Balázs Borkovits | international project manager, economist (MSc), electric engineer (BSc)


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